Simplified VAT Return Form: New Manual from the National Bureau for Revenue

As it is highlighted in the new Manual, starting from 2020, VAT payers who have less than BHD 100,000 in total annual supplies and who are not part of a VAT group may request to use the simplified VAT return. The simplified VAT return can be used by monthly, quarterly, or annually filers granted the above two criteria are met.

By default, every taxpayer in Bahrain has to file a full form of Tax Return. If the Taxpayer wants to change the form of the VAT Return type he is obliged to submit an online request using the NBR official portal. The Guide provides taxpayers with all the steps needed to be performed to submit such a request.

The Manual also provides with the following information:

  • Eligibility and request process for changing the filing form
  • Simplified Filing Process
  • Simplified Filing Scenario Examples
  • FAQ
The full text of the Manual
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