Now you can prove the application of 0% VAT to exports of goods with alternative documents

The updated version of the FTA’s Administrative Exceptions User Guide has been supplemented with the new category of VAT Administrative Exception relating to "Evidence to prove export of goods".

A registrant may request the FTA to allow the use of an alternative form of evidence to prove the export of goods (based on Article 30(6) of the UAE VAT Executive Regulations).

The FTA, on reviewing the request, may specify an alternative form of evidence according to the nature of export or according to the nature of the goods being exported. The request may be satisfied only if the registrant provided the actual reasons/circumstances for requesting an approval to allow the use of an alternative form of evidence.

VAT Guide is happy to help you with the submission of the request which will guarantee higher chances of its approval by the FTA.

Full text of the Updated Guide
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